Dance News COVID & Other Updates for the Week of June 22, 2020

UPDATE as of 11:15AM

Hello Dancers, 

A dance news was sent earlier this morning stating we were recommending the wearing of masks. 

We just received an email at 11:15AM from the Charlotte of commerce (attached) saying that the use of masks indoors all Floridians is advised. (see attached). 

To help our dancers cope with the wearing of mask during class we will:
1. Take frequent breaks
2. Allow for kids to step outside (with a teacher) for a breathing break as needed
3. Adjust class format and dance requirements/ expectations as needed to allow for the restricted airflow.

We ask that parents and observers DO NOT GATHER outside the studio entrance and instead STAY IN CARS during classes so that students and teachers can spread out in the areas in front and behind the studio for fresh air as needed. If you are picking up or dropped off a student under the age of 8, please feel free to escort them to and from the building.

Thank you for your understanding and help in keeping our dancers and staff safe! Have a safe week!

FDW Staff


Good morning FDW Dance Family!

We hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day Weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather!

As you are probably aware,  COVID19 cases are on the rise in Florida. Although our area is minimally impacted to this point,  many cities in our state have begun implementing stricter measures to help slow the spread. We want you to know we are tracking the numbers closely and will follow all guidelines as they are implemented, including the mandatory use of masks IF we are asked to. (You can track Florida’s cases, as well as cases by county here: )

Considering the increase COVID numbers for our state, here a a few updates for the week:

  • Voluntary face masks are encouraged for ALL when they are NOT dancing. If you would like to have your child wear a mask in class also, WE SUPPORT YOU and will be happy to allow for breaks/ adjusted class participation as needed. Teachers are encouraged to wear masks to the extent possible while teaching. 
  • Zoom is still available for those who wish to participate at home.
  • Ovations Production rehearsal will be cancelled for the remainder of the year. “Bad Behavior” and “Team Pink” rehearsal times moved up. Please see attached schedule for details. 
  • “Dance Dots” have been added in the studio to ensure the kids are keeping 6ft physical distancing between themselves and other dancers.  Dancers should use the dots on the wall instead of cubbies to place their items during class.  These dots should also be used to keep 6ft spacing during breaks/ waiting/ etc. 6ft spaced “dance dots” have also been placed in the observation area (for the dancers waiting), and multiple signs about physical distance have been placed throughout the studio. 

Other announcements for the week:

  • Advanced Ballet 2: Please bring your costume in THIS WEEK so that it can be embellished for the show. 
  • Don’t forget to book your Dance Picture photoshoot with Nickolson’s Portrait Studio this Saturday if you would like professional photos in your costume. 
  • All class costumes have gone out. If you are missing a costume for the show, please see Bev at the front desk this week.  

Thank you for your time and understanding! We wish you a wonderful and healthy week ahead!

FDW Staff