Class Information

Dance Styles Offered



Classes focus on basic exercises and acrobatic like jumps, flips, tucks, and tumbles – and, most importantly, how to do these stunts safely.

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Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks are an ideal addition to acrobatic & dance training for dancers 8+. They'll master climbs, foot locks, poses, drops & more!

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Classical Ballet

In the European tradition, classes focus on correct placement, barre, and center work with floor combinations and variations.

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Combination Class

Our combination ballet/tap and tap/jazz classes are designed to keep our youngest dancers engaged while exploring various dance styles.

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Contemporary & Lyrical

A modern, grounded style where classes focus on techniques and styles that use gravity and the swing of the body to create fluid movements.

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Classes focus on rhythmic, lively, and challenging choreography, as well as body isolation, attitude, coordination, and free-style movement.

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Classes focus on terminology, floor and corner progressions, turns, jumps, and routines in addition to a variety of styles such as Modern, Funk, and Blues.

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Serious students ages 11 and up may be eligible to dance “en pointe” (on toes) after sufficient ballet study and proper muscle development.

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Classes focus on rhythm and timing and teaches terminology, floor combinations stressing precision and counting, and routines.

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Class Placement


Although age may assist in initial placement, students progress according to  experience and ability, moving through levels only when specific techniques have been mastered, rather than yearly advancement. Our aim to give students a challenge, while ensuring they are comfortable and happy in their classes.

Final placement is always up to the instructor and not based on age. Age is often used for initial placement, but proper placement must also be dependent upon ability, physical development, experience, technical execution, and a host of other considerations. Students are to be considered individually, and they move to different classes and/or styles at much different paces.