About Florida Dance Workshop


A fun, family-friendly, nurturing environment, where the experience is positive and the quality shows!

Susan (Labousier) Kickbush & Michelle (Labousier) Mandile are the mother/daughter team who founded the Florida Dance Workshop in 1991. FDW quickly became the forerunner in dance education and has repeatedly been named Charlotte County’s Best Performing Unit and voted Best Dance Studio by the Charlotte Sun.

Florida Dance Workshop is a place where the efforts, abilities, and varied talents of all students are respected by their teacher, and all fellow dancers. It is our goal to make classes and rehearsals fun, but we are serious about helping each child become his or her own personal best. We teach that hard work produces results and we help our dancers to achieve the genuine self-esteem that comes with mastery of technique. These important lessons also apply to life’s future challenges. We believe in seeking, not perfection, but excellence from all students, with the understanding that it be appropriate to their age level, ability, and interest. Florida Dance Workshop will never aspire to be the biggest school, but we will always strive to be the best!