Dance News June 15th, 2020

Hi FDW Dance Family, 

We so appreciate your support during this time and wanted to give you a quick update.

ANNOUNCEMENTS for this Week:

  • Everyone is required to agree to the NEW waiver online in the parent portal before participating at dance. You can do this by logging into your portal, clicking “waivers” and selecting the “COVID” tab. There are also paper copies at the studio if you prefer to sign in person. 
  • The last of the costumes are being distributed this week. Please remember to put your child’s name in the costume tag and put it in a safe place in your home. 
  • Zoom classes will  continue to be available for those who wish to participate at home. Since all students are welcome back, we ask that you please LET THE TEACHER know if you want us to set up the zoom class for you. Most teachers teach many classes in a row, so please give us at least few hours notice when possible.
  • With adjustments to our classes, we were able to welcome all students back without exceeding our room capacity in person beginning Monday June 15, 2020, while still maintaining 6 ft distance. We will also continue to remind the dancers daily importance of maintaining social distance. 
  • We encourage students to use the perimeter of the room to set their keys/phone/etc if the cubby area is crowded. Otherwise, students are asked to wait for others to leave the cubby area before approaching. 
  • Don’t forget to book your appointment with Nickolson’s Portrait Studio June 27th for your professional pictures taken this year. Book online: 
  • We ask that everyone take moment this week to review their account and catch up on any late payments and fees. As all small businesses, we are in a very tight position and appreciate on time payments. Thank you for your understanding. 
  • A tuition credit has been applied to all students in the following classes to account for the missed studio time in the past 2 weeks due to the A/B SPLIT. Please note this ONLY applies to the classes that had to be split due to class size. 
    • Beginner Hip Hop
    • Beginner Acro
    • Adv Hip Hop
    • Adv Int Lyrical
    • Adv Technique 
    • Adv Int Hip Hop


We know you all have many questions about our plans. We’re still planning on having “Showtime” but after discussions with the theatre today, we now know that we cannot finalize our plans until mid/late July. We are keeping out fingers crossed, but because of this, we are also making backup plans for a fully virtual Showtime held in studio or at the theatre if possible. Our hope is to have an audience, but we have to prepare for all possibilities. Either way, we are working hard to make sure we can provide a memorable and special celebration for the dancers, while also providing a way for ALL parents, family and friends to get to see the show too. 


Friendly reminder that registration is NOW OPEN for our 2020-2021 Season!! You can register online in the parent portal. Class capacities have been set lower to continue to accommodate 6ft social distancing, so please reserve your spot soon!


Auditions are set for August 22 & 23. Dancers who take a minimum of ballet, jazz, and lyrical and are ages 8+ for Ovations and 12+ for  Dance Company are encouraged to reach out to Holly for more information at

We thank you for your patience and will provide information as soon as it is available. 

We Love You!

FDW Staff