Showtime 2019 Instruction Sheet – Florida Dance Workshop 

Florida Dance Workshop: Showtime 2019 Instruction Sheet

***Read carefully and retain for reference*******

Location: The Center for Performing Arts (CPAC) 701 Carmalita St Punta Gorda FL 33950

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Please be sure to pick up your OFFICIAL COMMITTEE NAME BADGE at Dress Rehearsal. It must be worn to the DRESS REHEARSALS & THE PERFORMANCE BACKSTAGE. We want to thank you, in advance, for volunteering to help. You are the people who make Showtime a rewarding experience and treasured memory for all who participate. We couldn’t do it without you and thank you for all your unselfish efforts. Only committee members are permitted backstage!!! Please remember that when working backstage you must help ALL KIDS, not only YOUR kid. Furthermore, please make sure you help the dressing room you signed up for, regardless if it is the room YOUR CHILD is in, everyone needs to help ALL kids, not just their own. Thank you for your cooperation. 

ENTRANCE FOR CAST & COMMITTEE: As you are facing the building, the cast members enter the side entrance. It’s to the left rear of the building. The MAIN, front entrance is for our “performance audience” on Saturday evening & Sunday afternoon. 

DRESS REHEARSAL: We only have 1 rehearsal this year!!! FRIDAY, June 7th at 5:00 PM. REHEARSALS are CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC! PLEASE ARRIVE AT 30-60 minutes before the rehearsal starts.  A monitor will be at the door for rehearsal and shows. All performers’ names will be checked as they arrive. Cast Members’ PARENTS ONLY are welcome to the dress rehearsal but NOT other relatives OR friends. NOTE: If a student is being brought to rehearsal by someone in place of the parent, they need to OBTAIN A SPECIAL “CHAPERONE PASS”, IN ADVANCE. 

ATTENDANCE: If an emergency keeps you from attending a rehearsal etc. be sure to call letting us know. For the safety of our cast, we must carefully monitor those we have in the building at all times. Everyone must participate in Dress Rehearsal. (PLEASE ARRIVE IN FULL COSTUME AND MAKE UP FOR REHEARSALS AND THE SHOW.)

PERFORMANCES: SATURDAY June 8th at 2:00PM and 7:00PM. Both shows will feature the entire cast! Please arrive 1 hour. Older cast members must be present at least ONE HOUR before curtain. Cast members under age 6 should come ONE HALF HOUR before curtain. 

DOORS OPEN: This year we are selling RESERVED SEAT TICKETS online before the show, and OPEN seating the day of. Doors will open 30 MINUTES before the show.  Tickets are $15 advanced purchase and $18 at the door.  You can purchase tickets at 

LENGTH: We try to keep the length of SHOWTIME down, but please bear with us as dress rehearsals are usually longer than the actual show. We expect the first rehearsal to be about 3 hours. Cast members are allowed to sit in the audience to enjoy the dress rehearsals (but never during a show) Please DO NOT use the word: “nervous” we are instead: “EXCITED”! Tiny dancers performing for the first time should be present at  the rehearsal at least 15 minutes early since they will be given a tour and stage “orientation” to make their experience positive and comfortable. Students in these age groups and all Level I may wear their hair any style. 

DISMISSAL PROCEDURE: Cast members ALL REMAIN BACKSTAGE throughout every SHOWTIME PERFORMANCE. Committee members will take attendance and will release each performer UNDER age 12, to a PARENT, 10 minutes after the FINALE, therefore, ONE PARENT for each student UNDER THE AGE OF 12 should WAIT 10 MINUTES after the FINALE, then come to the back door to pick up your own child. (PLEASE DO NOT BRING THE ENTIRE FAMILY BACKSTAGE…ONE PARENT ONLY. Thank you) Cast members 12 & UP are also asked to “CHECK OUT” with their Committee person to let them know that you are leaving. ABSOLUTELY NO PERFORMER IS TO BE SEEN IN COSTUME ANYWHERE BUT ON STAGE AND IN THE DRESSING ROOMS THE DAY OF SHOWTIME. Costumes must be covered at all times to and from the Backstage area, to do otherwise is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! 

VIDEO: NO unauthorized Video EQUIPMENT IS ALLOWED AT SHOWTIME, however, anyone who buys a video at dress rehearsal can pick up a “PERMISSION TO TAPE REHEARSAL” badge and they may TAPE all of THEIR OWN CHILD’S DANCES ONLY during DRESS REHEARSAL. The COPYRIGHT to “Showtime” belongs exclusively to Florida Dance Workshop and the PROFESSIONAL Videographer we commission to tape Showtime. Video taping any other part of Dress Rehearsal OR Showtime is strictly PROHIBITED. THIS WILL BE ENFORCED! Both performances are taped by APPLE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS and DVD’S or VIDEOS are available for a very reasonable price. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: We DO allow “still photos” to be taken during BOTH dress rehearsal & Showtime. Flash photos are fine since stage lights cover them. Although everyone may stand directly in front of the stage, or anywhere to take photos at REHEARSALS, please DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR SEAT to take pictures DURING THE ACTUAL SHOW. This is unfair and distracting to the rest of the audience. During the show, STILL PICTURES MAY ONLY BE TAKEN FROM YOUR SEAT. 

SHOWTIME 2019 IMPORTANT: We refer to our show as a program, production, performance, revue, presentation, show, etc., but NEVER a “RECITAL”. We work very hard to make our program especially professional and entertaining. For the past 26 years in Charlotte County, we have earned a reputation for presenting “A CLASS ACT” each season and most people agree that FDW, Showtime Productions are of a much higher caliber than other children’s dance “recitals”. 

TICKETS: Every person who occupies a seat must have a ticket. If parents must bring children under age 5 and they intend to sit them on their lap for the entire show, they may obtain a “Toddler Lap Form” in advance that may be used for that child’s admission. (The usher will note the seat location and periodically check during the show.) Showtime tickets are $15 in advanced, $18 at the door. Since our expenses to present Showtime are extremely high, and we do not charge our students a “show fee”, we ask you to spread the word and invite as many friends and neighbors to Showtime as possible. We need to cover expenses so that our dancers can have the opportunity to continue to perform in such wonderful venues for years to come. We will be awarding the School Spirit Trophy and Scholarship for the most ADVANCE Ticket and Ad Sales. (Along with our many other Trophies and Scholarships) The Winners will be announced on stage at the end of the performance. 

BACKSTAGE: No Parents, Relatives OR Friends are allowed backstage the day of Showtime at any time, unless they are wearing an OFFICIAL COMMITTEE NAME BADGE. No one is allowed to come backstage during intermission. Parents should say goodbye to little ones at the stage door where they will be checked in with the appropriate Committee Member. Tell them you’ll be right in front of the curtain to clap and take pictures. NOTE: We DO NOT hesitate to call a parent back stage in the event of even the smallest problem that we cannot comfortably handle ourselves. YOUR CHILD IS OUR MAIN CONCERN. If you get called back over a loud speaker, DO NOT PANIC. We may not be calling you back for a serious reason. It is most likely something very simple that only YOU can help us with. 

CAST CALL: All cast members check in with your Committee Person to let her know that you have arrived. Monitors will be at the door to keep NON-cast members OUT! Everyone come directly inside the building and backstage with COSTUMES COMPLETELY COVERED. You should come dressed in your FIRST costume. Parents, please DO NOT let children play with costumes before the show. They get ruined and accessories get lost. AVOID GETTING SUNBURNED before Showtime. 

DANCE SHOES AND TIGHTS MUST BE APPROPRIATE STYLE AND COLOR. Bring EXTRA tights. Attach round, white hat elastic to all headpieces and use lots of bobby pins. COSTUMES: Pin or Sew in a “V” in the back and DO NOT CROSS STRAPS (unless the costume is made that way). Ballet Pink for ballet, Light Suntan for all other styles. Kinderdance wears white tights provided with costume (will be given at dress rehearsal). 

(GIRLS) UNDERGARMENTS: Bra straps must not show. Wear NUDE or STRAPLESS bra. Some costumes don’t require one. Check before dress rehearsal to determine which ones do. A NUDE BODYSTOCKING with CLEAR bra straps makes changing easier. Tights take the place of underpants under costumes. Underwear sticking out of the leg of a costume is very distracting and unattractive. Professional dancers wear tights with their leotard or costume, but NEVER underwear. 

HAIR: Level intermediate through Advanced must have hair looking Professional. All dancers wear hair in a LOW BUN, parted on the LEFT side (except Kinderdance). Bangs are to be “smoothed back”.  No “flyaway” hairs please! Use PLENTY of hairspray!

MAKE-UP: Do make-up at home for both dress rehearsal and performance. Lots of Cheek Blush, stage lights “wash out” faces. Plum & Purple tones Eye Shadow, using lighter shade on the lid, darker in the crease and highlighter to the brow. FALSE EYELASHES are a great touch & mandatory for all Ovations & Company members. Bright RED Lipstick. Careful application of eye-liner can also define features for a more dramatic expression. Line top lid only to outer corner. (Male dancers see Director for Stage Make-up instructions) 


  • Dance Company – Dressing Room A
  • Kinderdance & 1 Costume – Dressing Room B
  • 2-3 Costume Kids- Dressing Room C
  • 4+ Costume Changes & Ovations – Dressing Room D
  • Boys-  Dressing area by Dressing Room D, please see Backstage Coordinator  for details 

Check List: 

  • Is your TUITION PAID in full? ____
  • Have you reserved a spot for Summer & Fall Classes? ___
  • Have you told ALL your friends and neighbors about Showtime ?___ 
  • Do you have all costumes & accessories for Showtime? ___
  • Have you invited all of your family & friends to the show? ____
  • Is your beautiful smile ready, too? ___
  • I know my drill week schedule___ 

THANK YOU: to EVERYONE for your HELP, COOPERATION and CONTINUED SUPPORT. WE LOVE YOU ALL, we’re very proud of our dancers and grateful to OUR LORD for the opportunity to celebrate our lives with them, through dance. Thank you so very much and God Bless You all ! 

Love, Holly, Michelle, Alicia,  Andrea & Margeaux 

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