Shoes, Make Up & Hair: Friendly reminders for performances

We know it can be hard to remember all of the details for your young dancer. Here is a list of friendly reminders to help you prepare for shows and performances.


Transition/Convertible tights with a small hole at the bottom are recommended for all students, and are required for all students in Acro, Lyrical and Hip Hop classes

“Ballet Pink” for all Ballet Classes
“Light Suntan” for all other classes (Acrobatics, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical) White tights (provided with costume) for Kinderdance


 BALLET & POINTE: Ballet Pink Slippers (canvas or leather) for all ballet dances. Pointe shoes must be neatly tied and sewn before dress rehearsal. All elastics in all ballet shoes should be neatly tied and tucked in.JAZZ: Slip on Tan Jazz Shoes for all Jazz classes (Carmel color, unless otherwise noted by teacher)

ACRO: No Shoes are worn for Arco classes, be sure to have a transition / convertible tight so that the foot is exposed.

HIP HOP: Shoes for Hip Hop will vary from year to year, please ask the instructor what you will need this year.

TAP: Slip on or Tie style shoes are appropriate. All levels except Kinderdance wear TAN.

LYRICAL: All classes wear the half show pictured above with TAN convertible tights. The “foot” of the tight should be pulled down with the heel exposed, then the shoe is placed on top.

KINDERDANCE: Black tie style tap shoes and Pink Ballet slippers (please see note on ballet slippers above).


Hair/ Make Up / Accessories:

  Hair in a low bun with a side part on the left for all levels. Hair pieces go on the RIGHT side of the bun unless otherwise stated by the teacher. The “donut” pictured to the right is very helpful!

Bras and bra straps must not show! Please see the bra image below. It is available at and at the dance studio.

Simple “diamond” look earrings or fancier “stage” earrings are encouraged for all students, and are mandatory for all Ovations and Dance Company members.

Lots of Cheek Blush, stage lights “wash out” faces. Plum tones Eye Shadow, using lighter shade on the lid, darker in the crease and highlighter to the brow. FALSE EYELASHES are a great touch. Bright RED Lipstick. Careful application of eye-liner can also define features for a more dramatic expression. Line top lid only to outer corner. 

Don’t forget to put your child’s name/ initials on all tags of costumes & shoes!!