August 2018 DanceNews!

FDW Celebrating 28 years!!! 

      Welcome back! Welcome new FDW members!  We are looking forward to another great season of dance.  We have exciting plans for Showtime 2019, although Showtime 2018 will be hard to beat! Please remember to work hard, don’t compare yourselves to others, and strive to be your own personal best!  Most of our classes are nearly full, but we do have scattered openings in some classes.  Don’t forget about our “Bring A Friend” program, for every “New” student you bring to “register” you will receive $30 off your tuition for the following month! Be sure to put an FDW decal on your car!  If your car is spotted driving (not near studio, your home, or dance event), you could win $30 off your tuition the next month!  1 winner per month!  Decals are just $5 and profits go toward our Scholarship fund.  (Fun fact: The “Russian Split Leap/Firebird” on the decal is FDW’s Andrea!).


     Florida Dance Workshop dancers had an amazing eventful summer!  Brianna Donaldson, traveled to California to participate in the Dance Master’s of America National Convention and Competition after winning the title of “Teen Miss Dance of Florida”.  She took 2 jam packed weeks of dance classes and represented FDW and her state perfectly!  Hannah Guzik was accepted and took part in her 3rd year of the Rockette’s Summer Intensive!  Meaghan Joens, and Sunnie Simpson we selected as Dance Models for BRAND MODEL Magazine, and Adriana, Marissa and Valentina Mangiafico were invited to guest perform in the Charlotte Idol event.  Those 3 talented sisters were also selected as models for #HASHTAG Dancewear!  We had such a fun summer of intensive classes, Competition Team and Florida Dance Company auditions, and more! Congratulations to all our team members and we look forward to another amazing season!


     WE CANT WAIT TO MOVE!!!  Thank you EVERYONE for your amazing patience and cooperation!  We are so excited to get into our new dance home, but to make it as perfect as can be, it takes time.  Please bear with us as the “old” studio has already been mostly taken apart and transferred to the new huge facility!  We understand our schedule had to change slightly and some of our classes must wait until we officially move to our new building, and we can’t thank you enough for our understanding!  We will be in our new home before we know it and it will be WELL WORTH the wait!

Be sure to check the Parent Portal under “Shared Files” for the Dress Code & Recreational (or Ovations/Dance Company) Handbooks. These documents have the answers to almost ALL of your questions. 🙂 If you need your password reset for the portal, please email Holly at You can log into your Portal by clicking the “Parent Portal” link at ALL communication will be made via email and text, and ALL documents will be posted in the Parent Portal under Shared Files. We will have a few paper copies at the studio of course too. 🙂 

     Please have hair pulled back from face, & no shirts, shorts, pants or bare midriffs for ballet classes.   Please keep in mind that dancers must wear tight fitting minimal attire for certain classes.  Much like working out at the gym, dancers need to have freedom of movement without clothes getting in the way…they also need to be aware of their body lines & muscle development.  We do have some dancewear in stock, and have an official dancewear representative here at FDW, Amanda will be happy to assist you. The best way to reach her is by texting 225-610-8957, be sure to mention you’re with FDW! 🙂 

      Be sure to put your name in all shoes etc. and check “Lost & Found” regularly.   FDW is online!  All Workshop families have their own parent portal and can register, pay tuition & costumes online! The “Shared Files” folder under the Parent Portal is where ALL IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS will be posted. Be sure to keep up with Emails as we send out updates regularly! If you need a document, please check here first! If you’re registered for classes, you already have an account! If you have trouble logging in, just email Holly at and she will help you find your log in info. 

We ask that you please keep the studio neat & clean.  Please throw garbage away in cans, take food items out with you.  Please respect your FDW property.

           All observers are asked to remain in the observation area.  We are one of the only dance studios to allow observers but must keep the dance floor free for our dancers only, though we do encourage parents to drop off & pick up after class. We ask that you have trust in the instructors & know that we want your child to excel as much as anyone! Please keep SIBLINGS quiet or bring them outside!  Thank you.   We would like to remind you that we follow the Charlotte County School schedule!  If there is no school, there is no dance school!  If there is ever a question feel free to call us at 

       The first couple weeks are exciting yet hectic, please be patient as there could be a lot of switching around & some larger classes that will be thinned out!    Please trust that we will place your child in the level to the best of their ability.  Pushing your child ahead, to more adv. level, will NOT make them a more adv. dancer.  They need to master the material in the proper level BEFORE moving on.  We want everyone to be comfortable, & happy.  This may take a couple weeks. It is better to be one of the forerunner’s in a class to build confidence, rather than one that’s struggling.  We ask that you don’t compare YOUR child to others.  There are various reasons THE INSTRUCTORS place students in classes & levels. Other children do not affect the training of your child.  FDWs official guide is now available.  We hope this gives insight & information to all our families to help keep you updated on all our visions.  Please use balcony to change classes. 

Thank you for being a part of our FDW family!  It’s going to be a great year! 

<3 Holly, Michelle, Andrea, Alicia & Margaux!