2023 Showtime Volunteer Sign Up

Sign up to help out with SHOWTIME 2023 on June 3rd and 4th Please select a volunteer position you're interested in. You may work at more than 1 show, just make sure you don't sign up for 2 positions at the same performance. 🙂

New this year, we will be doing our stage set up and having our “Aerial Silks Showcase on Friday, June 2nd. If you are able to help on Friday with the set up, or backstage, we appreciate it. Positions listed below

If you're working backstage you may watch you child's dances from the wings, but keep in mind that you also must make sure ALL kids in that dressing room get the help they need too. For younger ones, it can be helpful to explain to them before hand that "mommy has to help all the girls get ready" so they are better prepared to share you. 🙂

*Please keep in mind that for time efficiency we have 2 shows and only 1 rehearsal. All backstage helpers should be present at the rehearsal to know where the help is most needed, but know that DURING THE SHOW there will be less people in the rooms. We will provide a "quick change" report so we can all know which dancers need the most help.*

If you are backstage, you must make sure ALL kids are ready for the stage with proper hair, tights, shoes, etc, NOT JUST YOUR KID. Please understand that assignments may change as needed to help the dancers BE READY for the stage.



Backstage Coordinator: Tasha Chalone

Back Stage Runners:
Dressing room helpers:
Prop & Stage Crew

Front of House Coordinator: Diane Roose

Front of House