January 14, 2017

Ovations Competition Team

For the 30 years, the Florida Dance Workshop has provided a fun, nurturing environment “where the experience is positive and the quality shows.” All dancers that come through the doors of FDW are part of our family forever and we are proud to say that our studio is a home away from home for our students with many of our alumni returning with their children to continue instilling the LOVE of dance. 

“Ovations” is the elite competition team from Florida Dance Workshop which consists of members of all ages who have mastered the ability to execute technically challeng

ing steps and combinations. These dancers participate in regional and national dance competitions.

At FDW we teach our students to come together, in cooperation, toward the task of mutual accomplishment. Participation on our Competition Team shows children how to support, assist, and encourage their fellow dancers, to improve and achieve alongside each other. We stress balance and compassion, while teaching all dancers to foster friendship and mutual success. Mastery of technique is our shared mission for the good of all, so we can rejoice in everyone’s achievements.